Providing Everything You Need to help recreate your story

Antique Recreations

Each piece of furniture in your life has a story. 'it was my grandmother's', 'my father built this', 'Our kids grew up eating at this table'... Stories that matter!

It is our pride and joy to preserve these memories! Let us take your rustic pieces and recreate them into their original inner beauty. We elevate them to show how precious they truly are.

Create New Stories

We also make paintings to commemorate new events. We have celebrated with our customers births, birthdays, memorials, and testimonials.

Every painting is based off a free hour session interview that we use to help lay the groundwork. We then spend up to three weeks painting and constructing a custom frame.

We do acrylics, oils, and clay pastels.

Custom Furniture

Another way to create a new story is by making custom furniture that fits your space. A new item that you and the artists work on together to imagine, design, create and place into your home.