Antique Restoration


My rule of antique restoration is that only the tools that originally built it should be used to restore it.

When I restore an antique piece of furniture, I try to leave as much of the original patina as I can. I try to save and not cover the veneer, to restore the metal joinery instead of replacing the parts.


In situations that do require refinishing, I try to use antique methods and materials; and I apply them by hand.

The Services we provide are done by hand. We can fix frames, refinish surfaces, fix veneers, match missing pieces. and restore to museum or home made uses quality.

Our finishes are time period base, unless specifically asked for a change by the client. (shellac, bees wax, varnish, tung oil, etc.)


Rustic Recreations LLC

Antique Restoration

finished 1910 singer.jpg

Christina Parsons

Alexander did an amazing job restoring my grandmother's 1910 Singer Sewing Machine Cabinet. He was also able to make and install the missing bobbin drawer . We will definitly recommend him to our friends and family. His work is beautiful and prices are fair.


Patrick Dulzer

Alexander was amazing! He made us an apple-painted breadbox for our apple themed kitchen. He did it quickly and I was able to give it to my wife for her birthday. He even made sure the stain matched our kitchen cabinets

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Susie Woods Bar

He does beautiful work. I love that what someone threw out as junk becomes a one of a kind piece. Some of the paintings really draw you in. Someone big needs to notice this great talent and get the word out.


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