Our Story:

In April 2020, We purchased this property, 13914 Aquilla Rd Burton Ohio, with a 3,000 sq ft. workshop so that Rustic Recreations LLC could have a place to call home.

Why Choose us?

  1. All of our products are handmade. All of our artists use traditional methods to create handcrafted masterpieces. 

  2. In addition, we locally source our materials; we do not use artificial products such as MDF or particle board, and we do not use computers or CNC's to make our products. All of our products are of the highest grade.

  3. All of our tools, extra material, and methods are time-period locked to preserve the integrity of your antiques.

  4. We as makers take time for products.You are in complete customizable control and are walked through all the steps in this journey.

How we began...

Alexander G Miller, main artist and owner, began designing and selling his art after High School to make profit to pay for his ministry education. He began selling paintings, digital designs, and even tattoo designs. After his ministry education, he became a youth minister for inner city missions to teens in need. Through his ministry he began teaching art and lending his skills to help the churches he worked for and his student's families. His love for turning old furniture into beautiful creations was born.

In 2018 he began working part time with his business of fixing antiques and creating new things out of old furniture. He sold crafts and still made art. The money helped offset his salary so he could work in ministries that could not afford to pay for a full time worker, until in 2020 the ministry ended and he moved into Rustic Recreations full time.

We are now in an exciting time as we gather more makers to help grow our ability to help our customers! With purchasing our new land and workshop we hope to expand and provide our customers with more specializations, while also providing education for future makers as we move past Covid 19.

Our Partners

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Through Sherwin Williams we acquire all our stains and paints. They will also match any stain with custom made for your antique.


Final Destination Moving Company works with our clients to transport furniture. They can move the artwork exactly where you want them. Get a discount through working with Rustic Recreations LLC


Worthington Upholstery is  where we get all our fabrics and upholstery needs. They also will collaborate with us on your project needs.

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Dale and Casey Pekarek

Our local Wood Mill Source


    Worthington Drapery & Upholstery

    Rustic Recreations, LLC


    Are you an artist? We would love to have you join our team of experts! For further information please contact Alexander Miller: